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Welcome to Keune Academy by 124, where creativity meets skill, and passion transforms into a career. Our academy is dedicated to providing top-notch education in the world of beauty, offering programs designed to shape aspiring professionals into industry leaders.

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What does the curriculum look like in both programs?

Keune Academy by 124 has teamed up with Pivot Point International to offer a cutting-edge cosmetology curriculum tailored for diverse learning styles. Our all-digital education includes iPads provided to every student, enabling flexible learning on the go. This innovative approach accommodates various learning preferences, with a rich array of resources and visuals, making cosmetology education easily accessible for all.

What’s the difference between cosmetology and hair design?

Cosmetology is a broader field encompassing hair, skin, and nails, offering comprehensive training in various beauty treatments. Hair design is a specialized subset focusing specifically on hairstyling and cutting techniques, providing a more targeted education for those passionate about creating unique hairstyles.

What products does Keune Academy by 124 use?

Keune’s exclusive product line, hailing from Holland with a U.S. headquarters in Georgia, distinguishes our school. Offering vibrant and modern European cosmetics, our students enjoy full access to the diverse Keune product range. Particularly noteworthy is the hair color line, emphasizing a profound understanding of color mixing for stunning and innovative hair coloring, fostering creativity among our students.

Will I receive any business training?

Becoming a licensed cosmetologist is pivotal for success in hairstyling, nail artistry, or skincare. Beyond mastering the craft, honing business management skills is essential. Whether a weekend stylist or salon owner, understanding business basics ensures immediate success. We prioritize not just state licensing but also equipping our students to excel as well-rounded beauty professionals.

How can I pay for school?

Beauty school is an investment in yourself, so it’s important to know about all of your options to help pay for school. Because our master cosmetology and hair design programs are accredited by the state, federal financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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At Keune Academy by 124, we’re committed to nurturing your creativity, refining your skills, and empowering you to shine in the world of beauty. Choose your path – Master Cosmetology or Hair Design – and embark on a journey that transforms your passion into a fulfilling career.

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  This is one of the most organized establishments that I have ever seen. This academy is so blessed to have staff that does so much for their workplace. Glad I was a part of it as a student.

Ezgi K.

stars This is hands down the best school in Georgia. I have never in my life gone to a school where every single person there from the director of admissions, to the staff, to the instructors, to the students are literally so kind it makes you want to cry. You can tell by the curriculum, the way the school is kept, the energy in the building, and literally everything about this establishment, that these people bend over backwards every single day to make your experience that much more worth while.

Tiara P.