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October 9, 2020

10 Top Halloween Haircare Tips

woman with skeleton makeup

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s the season of pumpkin spice, trick-or-treating, elaborate costumes, and all things spooky. If you love to go all out for your costume, your hairstyle is a crucial part of the ensemble.

This year has been much different than what we expected and it’s still important to have fun, celebrate, and let yourself take a break from everything this year has thrown at you! However, we encourage everyone to celebrate the holidays safely and responsibly as well!

There are plenty of cute and creative ways you can incorporate a face mask into your look. Paired with the perfect Halloween hairstyle you can enjoy the spooky season while still being safe!

Follow these Halloween hair do’s and don’ts to complete your costume without damaging your hair.

1. Be Careful When Applying Color

Make sure that you don’t accidentally dye your hair a bright color for Halloween only to wake up the next morning with unwanted, permanently stained hair!

Use coloring products that are safe for your hair rather than cheap alternatives that can leave lasting damage. Be sure to read all the instructions before applying. Wait until after your costume is on before adding color to your hair. This way you’ll avoid rubbing the newly applied color onto your costume!

Make sure you avoid box dyes of any kind as well! If you’re looking for a more permanent look, our students at our salon can help you achieve beautiful Halloween hair color under the supervision of licensed professionals for an affordable price!

2. Use Backcombing for Texture

It can be tempting to use lots of hairspray for texturing your hair but you might be able to better achieve your desired look by backcombing your hair instead. Whether you’re looking to add body for a wicked witch or rocking an ‘80s style, you can achieve that look without using too much product and weighing your hair down.

3. Use a Conditioner or Hair Mask

Maintaining a good hair care routine is essential! Give your hair a little extra love if you’re doing anything out of the ordinary with it for your Halloween hairstyle. Now that you’ve textured, colored, and teased your hair, take proper care to avoid permanent damage after you’ve shown it off. At the end of the night, you can use a deep conditioner or hair mask to protect your locks from damage.

woman in black dressed like Malificent

4. Bring What You Need To Fix Your Hair Throughout the Night

If you choose to attend a small Halloween gathering, don’t let the fear of ruining your perfect hairdo keep you from enjoying the night. Things to bring with you are extra elastics, bobby pins, hairspray, a comb, and anything else you need to maintain your look.

5. Do a Test Run

If your hairstyle is essential to your costume, try a test run a few nights before you display your Halloween hair. You’ll learn how to achieve the style you’re looking for and discover if you need any other tools or products to make it work.

6. Look for Tutorials

Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are the perfect places to find inspiration for costumes and hairstyles. There are many DIY social media pages that you can gain inspiration from. You may even consider sharing your own tutorial as you discover tips and tricks while creating your Halloween costume!

7. Don’t Leave Your Hair Overnight

It doesn’t matter how late you get home: wash, condition, and comb out your hair! Waiting to do this till the next morning may cause damage. Avoid the mess of tangles and color bleed onto your pillowcase and sheets by taking care of your hair immediately when you get home.

8. Go Easy With the Product

Sometimes less is more. If your hairstyle requires hairspray, color, or any other product, make sure not to overdo it. When doing your practice run, use as little of these products as possible and see how the style holds throughout the night.

woman with cheetah makeup

9. Don’t Make a Permanent Change You’ll Regret

If you’re looking to make a big change to your hair, Halloween may be the perfect time to make the leap! If so, you’ll want any permanent color, length, or texture changes to be made in a salon. Before you make a drastic change, make sure you’re ready to commit.

10. Avoid Products That May Not Be Safe for Hair

Don’t let one night do lasting damage to your hair. Before using any product for your Halloween hairstyle, first make sure it is safe to use and will not harm it. A good rule in general (not just for Halloween) is to limit your use of heat tools and use salon-quality products to protect your hair!

Stay Spooky and Safe

Halloween is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Go all out with your costume this year without doing lasting damage to your hair. If you’re looking to make big changes to your hair this year, stop by our Keune Academy by 124 salon and meet with one of our talented students!*

Create your spooky look with us while still staying safe in our salon and remember to tag us in your final look on social media!

*All services performed by students are supervised by licensed professionals.

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